Alex De Ocampo

Alex De Ocampo Talks Seniors Long-Term Care at AAPI Democratic Forum

Alex De Ocampo participated in the AAPI Democratic Forum on September 5th at the Pilipino Worker Center. The Asian Journal covered the forum and here are excerpts from their story:

Charitable foundation adviser Alex De Ocampo, the only Filipino-American in the race, shared his experience growing up with a mother who needed long-term care, a story that resonated with many of the Filipino constituents.

“I’m going to be a fierce advocate to make sure we expand in-home support services. I also plan to lobby to make sure Medicare covers more and more of these services, so I am going to be that voice because I’m living it as we speak,” De Ocampo said, adding he promises to ensure more funding into vocational health services to breed more doctors, nurses and health care professionals.

In terms of addressing AAPI concerns specifically, De Ocampo addressed the diversity of the AAPI electorate and promised to listen to all groups under the AAPI label.

“Sometimes with the AAPI community we all get clumped together but we have to understand issues in the Vietnamese community, in the Chinese community and the Filipino community can be vastly different,” De Ocampo noted. “I’m gonna make sure I’m reaching out to you, listening to your needs and delivering what each community needs.”

If elected, De Ocampo would be the second state legislator of Filipino descent after state Assemblymember Rob Bonta (D-Alameda), and the first from the Los Angeles area.


The impact of Filipino voters


Fil-Am voters in AD 51 have a tremendous impact on the election and have notable power to sway the election. Fil-Ams comprise the largest AAPI voting group in the district with about 4.6 percent of the AAPI electorate (about 10,160 voters).


Moreover, they historically have a larger turnout at the polls with about 19 percent, whereas the largest ethnic group, Latinos, come out at about 12 percent. In turn, if the Fil-Am community can increase turnout, it can be a powerful force in this election, and in the city in general.

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