About Alex De Ocampo

Alex De Ocampo knows firsthand what living one paycheck at a time is like. He’s lived the struggle many working people and immigrant families face when trying to make a new life in Los Angeles. Despite growing up in intense poverty, Alex was able to take advantage of the opportunities afforded to him by public education and the entertainment industry. 

Alex is passionate about ensuring these opportunities continue to be available to everyone. In the State Assembly, he will fight for a stronger economy, affordable child care, high quality education and job training, and health care for all.

An Immigrant Family's Rise Out of Poverty

Alex was born at Kaiser Permanente on Sunset Boulevard to Filipino immigrants. Alex’s father, Pedro, immigrated during the 1970s to Los Angeles where he faced the harsh realities of being an immigrant. He washed dishes in restaurants, sold off family heirlooms, and slept on park benches until he saved enough money to reunite the family in Historic Filipinotown. Early in Alex’s life, his father became ill with cancer. Unable to afford health insurance, his condition rapidly declined and needed to return to the Philippines for care. By then, the cancer had spread and he passed away.

His mother, Encarnacion, a widow with five children to provide for, worked 80 hours a week in convalescent homes. Gangs, drugs, and crime were part of the daily happenings in the neighborhoods surrounding the family’s studio apartment. Alex chose to spend his time working and focusing on his studies. A product of LAUSD’s Dayton Heights Elementary, Lockwood Elementary, Thomas Starr King Middle, and John Marshall High School, Alex took advantage of every opportunity offered to him and earned scholarships to attend California State University Northridge.

Opportunity Through Arts and Entertainment

Alex helped his family make ends meet by working after school and during summers. He was introduced to the Youth Entertainment Summer program that sparked his interest in working in the entertainment industry. The program connected students of diverse backgrounds to jobs at studios. He was assigned to work with Glenn Padnick, the President of Castle Rock Entertainment’s television division. After earning his degree, Alex used the connections and experience gained and began his career working with the creator of the Power Rangers, Haim Saban.

Alex worked his way up through the ranks from an assistant to managing the Saban Family Foundation. With nearly $400 million of giving to causes around the globe, Alex helped establish the Saban family’s most impactful projects in Los Angeles. He directly supervised the $50 million fund dedicated to the Saban Research Institute at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. He also helped the family establish the Saban Theatre, the Saban Wellness Center at the Motion Picture Television Fund, the Saban Community Clinic, and the Cheryl Saban Self-Worth Foundation for Women & Girls.

The arts and entertainment industry provided him with an opportunity to rise out of poverty, and he shares this perspective as a board member of the California Film Commission and the California State Summer School for the Arts Board of Trustees. 

Dedicated to the Democratic Party

Dedicated to opportunity and equality for all, Alex continues to be an active member of the Democratic Party, having served as the President of the California Young Democrats and as a delegate to several state and national conventions. 


Alex and his husband, Todd, their foster child, and their two dogs reside in Los Angeles. He is also an uncle to 14 nieces and nephews.

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