Alex De Ocampo Announces Run for Assembly

Alex De Ocampo Seeks Election to California State Assembly

Will Continue the Fight for Progressive Values Started by Congressman-Elect Jimmy Gomez

Alex De Ocampo is entering the race for the 51st Assembly District that will be vacant as a result of Congressman-Elect Jimmy Gomez's victory.

A son of Filipino immigrants who came to Historic Filipinotown in the 1970s, De Ocampo uniquely understands the struggle many working people and immigrant families face when trying to make a new life in Los Angeles. Despite growing up in intense poverty, De Ocampo was able to take advantage of opportunities made possible to him by public education and the entertainment industry. 

"I'm excited for my dear friend, Jimmy Gomez, to be representing our community in Congress. He has served us well and we need to ensure that his track record of progressive leadership will continue in the Assembly. I'm running because I want California to lead the way when it comes to building a stronger economy, providing high-quality education and job training, welcoming immigrants, and ensuring access to affordable and quality health care for all. I will work to ensure that everyone, no matter their background, has the opportunity to succeed," stated De Ocampo. 

De Ocampo started his career in the entertainment industry through the Youth Entertainment Summer program, which connected students of diverse backgrounds to jobs at studios. He worked his way up through the ranks, starting as an assistant and ultimately managing the Saban Family Foundation. With nearly $400 million of giving to causes around the globe, De Ocampo helped establish the foundation's most impactful projects in Los Angeles.

Having grown up in an immigrant family and climbing out of poverty through his work in the arts and entertainment industry, De Ocampo brings this perspective as a member of the California Film Commission and the California State Summer School for the Arts Board of Trustees.

De Ocampo is an active member of the Democratic Party, having served as the President of the California Young Democrats, and as a delegate to several state and national conventions.

De Ocampo resides in Mt. Washington with his husband Todd Sargent, their foster child, and their two dogs.

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