Alex De Ocampo

Assemblymember Rob Bonta and Filipino Leaders Unite in Support of Alex De Ocampo for State Assembly

Filipino community leaders are making Alex De Ocampo their choice in the race for California’s 51st Assembly District. Announced in this week’s Asian Journal, Assemblymember Rob Bonta has endorsed Alex De Ocampo. Assemblymember Bonta is the only Filipino-American currently serving in the state legislature and stressed the importance of having more qualified Filipino Americans in elected office as the community is the fastest-growing group in California.

As stated to the Asian Journal, Assemblymember Bonta explained why he’s supporting Alex:

“I’ve known Alex for some time now and really believe in his leadership and his ability to step into the role on day one and hit the ground running to make a difference and represent the values of the district and all its beautiful diversity. He’s very skilled and experienced, and he’s been involved in several endeavors and I know that he’s ready. He’s extremely smart, has great interpersonal skills and has cultivated wonderful relationships, which truly impact your ability to be effective as an Assemblymember.

“Having been the first Filipino elected in the state Legislature, I promise also to not be the last. Helping other great leaders who have a path to be in the Legislature and supporting and mentoring them or having their back has been a top priority for me and supporting Alex, given this election and the timing, is a top priority for me. It’s always been important to me, making sure we get another Filipino in the same office. I’m very proud and honored to support and endorse him.”

In addition to Assemblymember Bonta, Alex has earned the support of Filipino community leaders in the Los Angeles area including: 

Mark Pulido, Mayor Pro Tem of Cerritos

Art Flores – Vice President, Filipino American Community of Los Angeles*

Lyle Del Mundo – President, Search to Involve Pilipino Americans*

Jennifer Abrillo – Former Rampart Village Neighborhood Council*

Susan Dilkes – Community Advocate

Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal – Community Advocate

Alberto Frias – Community Advocate

Perla Santos – Community Advocate

Krizia Medenilla – Community Advocate and Small Business Owner

Macky Forty – Community Advocate

Rinna Gonzales – Community Advocate

Terresita Nones – Community Advocate

Claire Espina – Community Advocate

Arturo “Art” Garcia – Community Advocate

Josephine Estoesta – Community Advocate

Oliver Sulit – Community Advocate

Stephanie Uy – Community Advocate

Gloria Resurreccion – Community Advocate

Gerald Gubatan – Community Advocate

*Titles for identification purposes only

“Many Filipino families face incredible challenges when they immigrate here to start a new life. Alex De Ocampo understands the needs of our community. He’ll work to create good jobs, expand access to affordable and quality health care, and strengthen our schools. He’ll fight for us in the Assembly and make our community proud. I know he’ll do a great job,” said Susan Dilkes.

Alex has worked with many of these leaders in Historic Filipinotown at the Pilipino Worker Center and the Filipino America Community of Los Angeles. He has been an advocate for immigrant and workers rights in the community.

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