Alex De Ocampo

Former Assemblymember Mike Gatto Endorses Alex

Former Assemblymember Mike Gatto has chosen to support Alex De Ocampo in the October 3rd Special Election to fill the vacancy in California’s 51st Assembly District.

“Alex De Ocampo will be the best advocate for maintaining a strong entertainment industry,” said former Assemblymember Gatto. “It was arts and entertainment that allowed Alex to rise out of poverty and that’s why he’ll be a champion for creating jobs that help lift people into the middle class. We need his perspective in the Assembly when it comes to making investments in job training and helping build a pipeline of technical workers so our economy can continue to thrive. I’m proud to support Alex De Ocampo and I encourage you to vote for him on Tuesday, October 3rd.”

Former Assemblymember Gatto represented portions of the 51st Assembly district prior to redistricting. His family has a long history of supporting the arts in Los Angeles and he channeled this passion into legislation to invest in arts education and creative professions.

“I’m honored to have the support of former Assemblymember Mike Gatto. When he was in the Assembly, our state was in an economic crisis and he found ways to improve our state’s economy through boosting the film and entertainment industry. I look to continue Mike Gatto’s legacy as a champion for the entertainment economy by expanding tax incentive programs and creating jobs to lift more families into California’s middle class,” stated De Ocampo.