Women for Alex

Alex De Ocampo is proud to announce Women for Alex. This group of women from who live or work in California’s Assembly District 51 are fully supporting De Ocampo’s bid for the Assembly on Tuesday, October 3rd. Recognizing the work Alex De Ocampo has done for women and girls in the community, the following women have joined Women for Alex. Jennifer Abrillo Susan Adorable Isabel Aguirre Susana Arrieta Grace Barrios Elisa Bulatao Rosalie Caratao Elvira Chan Lissa Chow Alicia De Aragon Susan Dilkes Frances Esparza Claire Espina Josephine Estoesta Angela Estrella Sandra Fernandez Cinthia Flores Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal Crescenciana Go Rinna Gonzales Adrienne Hament Evelyn Isidro Elyse Klein Nina Leong Cioney Limbo Anna Manuel Krizia Medenilla Alita Nakamura Terrisita Nones Ruby Pangan Bernadita Pasion Gloria Resurreccion Perla Santos Aquilina Soriano Bernie Targa Stephanie Uy Emelita Valino  “I’m supporting Alex De Ocampo because he'll fight to ensure California remains a place where if you work hard, you can succeed. By attending Dayton Heights Elementary, Lockwood Elementary, Thomas Starr King Middle School, and John Marshall High School, Alex knows that public schools provided him with the opportunity to rise into the middle class. I followed the same footsteps that Alex did and I know he'll make sure these opportunities are available for everyone, no matter their background. That's why he's my choice for the Assembly,” said Cinthia Flores, community activist. Alex De Ocampo has a track record of providing opportunity for women through education and job training. He helped establish the Cheryl Saban Self-Worth Foundation for Women and Girls and managed a $10 million initial fund. Under his management, the foundation provided funding for scholarships for women of color and to the training program, Girls Who Code. De Ocampo continues to gain support from community leaders and elected officials in his campaign. In addition to Vice Chair Dino, De Ocampo has earned support from Board of Equalization member Fiona Ma, former Los Angeles City Controller Wendy Greuel, Congressman Brad Sherman, Assemblymember Rob Bonta, Assemblymember Dababneh, Los Angeles City Councilmen Mitch O’Farrell and Bob Blumenfield, and Equality California.

Alex De Ocampo Talks Seniors Long-Term Care at AAPI Democratic Forum

Alex De Ocampo participated in the AAPI Democratic Forum on September 5th at the Pilipino Worker Center. The Asian Journal covered the forum and here are excerpts from their story: Charitable foundation adviser Alex De Ocampo, the only Filipino-American in the race, shared his experience growing up with a mother who needed long-term care, a story that resonated with many of the Filipino constituents. “I’m going to be a fierce advocate to make sure we expand in-home support services. I also plan to lobby to make sure Medicare covers more and more of these services, so I am going to be that voice because I’m living it as we speak,” De Ocampo said, adding he promises to ensure more funding into vocational health services to breed more doctors, nurses and health care professionals. In terms of addressing AAPI concerns specifically, De Ocampo addressed the diversity of the AAPI electorate and promised to listen to all groups under the AAPI label. “Sometimes with the AAPI community we all get clumped together but we have to understand issues in the Vietnamese community, in the Chinese community and the Filipino community can be vastly different,” De Ocampo noted. “I’m gonna make sure I’m reaching out to you, listening to your needs and delivering what each community needs.” If elected, De Ocampo would be the second state legislator of Filipino descent after state Assemblymember Rob Bonta (D-Alameda), and the first from the Los Angeles area.   The impact of Filipino voters   Fil-Am voters in AD 51 have a tremendous impact on the election and have notable power to sway the election. Fil-Ams comprise the largest AAPI voting group in the district with about 4.6 percent of the AAPI electorate (about 10,160 voters).   Moreover, they historically have a larger turnout at the polls with about 19 percent, whereas the largest ethnic group, Latinos, come out at about 12 percent. In turn, if the Fil-Am community can increase turnout, it can be a powerful force in this election, and in the city in general. Read the full story here: http://asianjournal.com/news/ca-state-assembly-hopefuls-discuss-aapi-issues-at-town-hall/  

Assemblymember Rob Bonta and Filipino Leaders Unite in Support of Alex De Ocampo for State Assembly

Filipino community leaders are making Alex De Ocampo their choice in the race for California’s 51st Assembly District. Announced in this week’s Asian Journal, Assemblymember Rob Bonta has endorsed Alex De Ocampo. Assemblymember Bonta is the only Filipino-American currently serving in the state legislature and stressed the importance of having more qualified Filipino Americans in elected office as the community is the fastest-growing group in California. As stated to the Asian Journal, Assemblymember Bonta explained why he’s supporting Alex: “I’ve known Alex for some time now and really believe in his leadership and his ability to step into the role on day one and hit the ground running to make a difference and represent the values of the district and all its beautiful diversity. He’s very skilled and experienced, and he’s been involved in several endeavors and I know that he’s ready. He’s extremely smart, has great interpersonal skills and has cultivated wonderful relationships, which truly impact your ability to be effective as an Assemblymember. “Having been the first Filipino elected in the state Legislature, I promise also to not be the last. Helping other great leaders who have a path to be in the Legislature and supporting and mentoring them or having their back has been a top priority for me and supporting Alex, given this election and the timing, is a top priority for me. It’s always been important to me, making sure we get another Filipino in the same office. I’m very proud and honored to support and endorse him.” Continue reading

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema Endorses Alex De Ocampo

Arizona Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema has announced her support for Alex De Ocampo’s bid to represent California’s 51st district in the state Assembly, the campaign announced today. “We need people in office who are dedicated to making sure every community has a seat at the table. As a gay man of color, Alex De Ocampo has the experience and is committed to advancing LGBTQ rights. I know Alex will be a strong fighter for the most vulnerable among us, and I am thrilled to support his campaign for the California Assembly,” stated Congresswoman Sinema. Congresswoman Sinema has represented Arizona’s 9th congressional district since 2013. Prior to that, she served in both chambers of the Arizona state legislature. A member of the LGBTQ community, Congresswoman Sinema has fought against anti-LGBTQ measures, and continues to be a leading voice for equality. “I am proud to have earned the support of Congresswoman Sinema. She is a trailblazer, and has spent her career fighting for marginalized people. I look forward to finding ways to work together to tear down the barriers that stand in the way of success and opportunity,” said Alex De Ocampo.

Los Angeles City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield endorses Alex

Los Angeles City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield has endorsed Alex De Ocampo in his bid to represent California’s 51st Assembly District. “I believe Alex de Ocampo is the best choice for the Assembly because he has the skills needed to fight for progressive priorities in our state’s budget. His experience managing a $400 million budget and establishing the most impactful projects of the Saban Family Foundation, Alex is prepared to advocate for Los Angeles and ensure our tax dollars are being used to deliver quality public services. I look forward to working with him when he is a member of the Assembly,” stated Councilmember Blumenfield. Councilmember Blumenfield represents the 3rd district on the Los Angeles City Council. He served as chair of the Budget Committee when he served in the State Assembly, he helped guide the state out of recession to passing on time and balanced budgets. A very effective legislator, Blumenfield had more than 50 bills signed into law. “I am grateful for the support of Councilmember Bob Blumenfield. He was integral in leading our state out of economic crisis. I hope to follow his example of pushing for progressive policies in our state budget while to building long-lasting economic growth for our community.” stated Alex De Ocampo.

Former Assemblymember Mike Gatto Endorses Alex

Former Assemblymember Mike Gatto has chosen to support Alex De Ocampo in the October 3rd Special Election to fill the vacancy in California’s 51st Assembly District. “Alex De Ocampo will be the best advocate for maintaining a strong entertainment industry,” said former Assemblymember Gatto. “It was arts and entertainment that allowed Alex to rise out of poverty and that’s why he’ll be a champion for creating jobs that help lift people into the middle class. We need his perspective in the Assembly when it comes to making investments in job training and helping build a pipeline of technical workers so our economy can continue to thrive. I’m proud to support Alex De Ocampo and I encourage you to vote for him on Tuesday, October 3rd.” Former Assemblymember Gatto represented portions of the 51st Assembly district prior to redistricting. His family has a long history of supporting the arts in Los Angeles and he channeled this passion into legislation to invest in arts education and creative professions. “I’m honored to have the support of former Assemblymember Mike Gatto. When he was in the Assembly, our state was in an economic crisis and he found ways to improve our state’s economy through boosting the film and entertainment industry. I look to continue Mike Gatto’s legacy as a champion for the entertainment economy by expanding tax incentive programs and creating jobs to lift more families into California’s middle class,” stated De Ocampo.

Assemblymember Matt Dababneh endorses Alex De Ocampo

At the campaign office opening for Alex De Ocampo on Saturday, August 26th, Assemblymember Matt Dababneh declared his support for Alex De Ocampo’s bid to represent California’s 51st Assembly District. To a crowd of supporters gathered to prepare for the upcoming October 3rd Special Election, Assemblymember Dababneh stated, “We have an opportunity to elect someone who is not just my friend but someone who brings a skillset to the legislature that is much needed. He’s reasonable and understands how to get things done. Alex is a true progressive champion who has fought for LGBT and environmental rights. I know he’ll come up to Sacramento and be an advocate for people who are trying to better their lives and give them a voice.” Continue reading

Wendy Greuel announces support for Alex De Ocampo

Alex De Ocampo has received the endorsement of Wendy Greuel in his race to represent California’s 51st Assembly District. A dedicated public servant with years of experience as an executive in the entertainment industry, Wendy knows Alex has the skills needed to advocate for Los Angeles’s entertainment economy. “Los Angeles has long been a place where people can follow their dreams and find opportunities to succeed. As the child of immigrants, Alex worked hard in school and started his career at Castle Rock Entertainment and then worked his way up the ladder to eventually managing the Saban Family Foundation. As a board member of the California Film Commission, Alex knows how crucial entertainment industry jobs are to sustain our middle class and help lift people out of poverty. I believe Alex will be a great advocate for Los Angeles and the entertainment industry and I’m proud to support in his campaign for Assembly,” stated Wendy Greuel. Continue reading

Alex De Ocampo Endorsed by Equality California

Alex De Ocampo has earned the support of Equality California in his campaign to represent California’s 51st Assembly District. Equality California is the nation’s largest statewide lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender civil rights organization dedicated to creating a fair and just society. He is proud to be one of the four candidates endorsed by them. “I am honored to have the support of Equality California,” said De Ocampo. “They have done tremendous work to advance and protect the rights of California’s LGBTQ community, and I look forward to working alongside them to continue working towards LGBTQ equality and social justice in our communities.” Continue reading

Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch O'Farrell Endorses Alex

Alex De Ocampo has earned the support of Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell in his campaign for State Assembly. A strong advocate for the arts and entertainment economy in Los Angeles, Councilmember O’Farrell shares Alex’s commitment to ensuring Los Angeles remains the creative center of the world. “Alex De Ocampo understands firsthand that the entertainment industry is an economic driver of Los Angeles’ economy. From his experience working at Castle Rock Entertainment through the Youth Entertainment Summer program, to landing a job as an assistant with Power Rangers creator Haim Saban, and ultimately managing the $400 million budget of the Saban Family Foundation, Alex knows that a strong entertainment industry can provide an opportunity to rise out of poverty and into the middle class. As a member of the State Assembly, Alex would be a great partner to work with to strengthen our arts and entertainment economy,” stated Councilmember O’Farrell. Continue reading